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Grotte de Nichet
Grotte de Nichet
Grotte de Nichet
Grotte de Nichet
Grotte de Nichet
Grotte de Nichet
grotte de Nichet
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The Ardenne holds treasures into the depths of the earth. The Nichet cave is one of these treasures. Naturally carved into the limestone massif of the Ardenne, it reveals mysterious forms to the visitor. The Nichet cave is also the refuge of the nutons, these little creatures with powers and that we can meet sometimes at the mercy of a walk in the forest of Ardenne.

In Fromelennes, the Nichet cave is an invitation for an imaginary voyage in the heart of Earth. Over a depth of 30 metres and formed in Givet Limestone, this natural site inspired the popular mythology. During your visit, you will discover the depths of Earth and will meet maybe small inhabitants known under the name of "Nutons". On three levels, you will also discover many small places with the famous stalagmites and stalactites (The "moonlight room", the "Lion gallery", the "oblique rock", or the "big waterfall") and surprising light and sound effects (Visit in 3 languages) which add to the explanations given by a guide.

Exploited since 1895, the Nichet cave opens to the public in 1987. Several caverns are endowed with abundant concretions (the famous stalagmites and stalactites). the Nichet cave is incontestably the most charming geological curiosity in the Ardennes.

The nichet cave has inspired the popular mythology : Supernatural creatures named "Nutons" living in the cave and the subterranean galleries. Legendary creatures creating links with the malefic spirit of the forest. The Nutons are nocturnal creatures, very small and old with supernatural powers. Intelligent and hard workers (smith, dressmaker or boilermaker), they help you out.

Guided tour with MP3 (French, English, Dutch)

Catering, bar and observatory on the spot : sandwiches prepared with local products and "Ardennaise" plate.

Unobstructed view point of Fromelennes and Givet with the observatory of the Black Pine. A double platform, one to 8 metres high and the other on to 12 metres high, accessible by a Nepalese footbridge. The people who like thrills will be delighted.

HEALTH PROTOCOL: Wearing a mask is compulsory - Hydroalcoholic gel available to the public - Group limited to 10 people (guide included) - No prior reservation necessary for individuals.


In april, may and september : every day from 2pm to 6pm
In june, july and august : every day from 10am to 7pm

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La grotte de Nichet

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Pédaler au fil de l’eau... à partir de 96€ ça m'intéresse !
Pédaler au fil de l’eau... à partir de 96€ ça m'intéresse !