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Chapel built by the inhabitants of Hargnies in honour of the saint who protected the village from the Plague. At the entrance of Hargnies, coming from Vireux-Wallerand, this chapel is on your rient.

This chapel is dedicated, like many in the Val d’Ardenne, to Saint Roch, patron and protector of the plague victims.

Let’s remember that a terrible epidemic of plague raged in the region at the beginning of the 17th century and Saint Roch was often invoked as the saint who assisted his devotees against the contagion of the plague amont other things.

Undoubtedly, Saint Roch evokes to you the legend of Saint Roch and his dog.
Here is a brief summary.
Saint Roch was born in 1349 in Montpellier. At his majority, he distributed all his goods to the poors and went on a pilgrimage to Roma.
He stopped in several cities in Italy affected by the black plague and obtained many cures.
Unfortunately, he also caught the disease.
He then retired in a forest so as not to infect others.
Only a dog of a neighboring lord would visit him and bring him everyday a loaf of bread stolen from his master’s table.
Intrigued by his dog’s merry-go-round, the lord followed him and discovered Roch at the bottom of his retreat. He rescued him and Roch regained his health.

Please note 
Chapel visible only from the outside.

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Chapel of Hargnies

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Pédaler au fil de l’eau... à partir de 96€ ça m'intéresse !
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