thierache riezes and sarts

The harsh climate of the higher altitudes contrasts with the mildness of the valleys at the foot of the plateau.

More rugged in the north with its sparse habitat, the landscape changes as you move south finding imposing strongholds and fortified churches between the rivers and the hedgerows.

There are just so many opportunities and places for you to go walking, visit tourist attractions or enjoy sporting activities.

The campaign offers of sight extensive moors, Rièzes and forests. And hosts the largest lake in the Ardennes, Lac des Vieilles Forges, for lovers of sailing, fishing and adventure. The nearby Forest Museum maintains the memory of so inseparable history of the Ardennes as iron.

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La gastronomie à son paroxysme

Les Ardennes, territoire profondément attaché à ses traditions, fait la part belle à sa gastronomie. Avec le label Ardennes de France, en particulier.

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