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Discover the Ardennes region in France, Luxembourg Belgium

Discover the Ardennes region in 
France, Luxembourg Belgium

The Ardennes is a land of marvels, a cradle of legends and folk tales.
Discover the adventurous heart of the Ardennes in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.
Welcome to the Ardennes, an experience rich in emotions and encounters. The Ardennes is a land of marvels, a cradle of legends and folk tales.

 The Bayard Horse rubs shoulders with the legendary "four sons of Aymon" and elves and fairies enliven your dreams. The spirit of the forest gave its power to the land, considered by its inhabitants to be sacred since its origins.

Nature forged the authentic character of the inhabitants of the Ardennes. This authenticity is expressed by a lifestyle built upon simplicity and harmony with the elements. Here more than elsewhere, perhaps, it is possible to appreciate the importance of simple pleasures and a return to basics.

The Ardennes region delights the senses of those who immerse themselves in it, with its enchanting, inspiring landscapes. It is a haven of peace, perfect for that dream holiday. Your experience of the Ardennes, ranging between astonishment and enchantment, will not leave you indifferent.

Discover the French, Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes.

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