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route des fortifications> Fortifications route 

From the valley of the Meuse to the valley of the Chiers, passing across the plateau of Rocroi, the fortresses along this route testify to a tormented past: the fortress of Charlemont, built by Charles V at Givet, the largest fortified castle in Europe at Sedan, the star-shaped fortified town of Rocroi, the last fort along the Maginot line at Villy-la-Ferté, and others... The destiny of both France and Europe has been decided several times by events in the Ardennes: Rocroi (1643), Sedan (1879-1940). An unforgettable lesson in history... 

route des legendes> Route of the Meuse and Semoy legends 

At the heart of the Ardennes massif, overhanging the meandering Meuse and Semoy rivers, let yourself be transported to the land of legends, fairies and devilish nobles. The château du diable at Roc-la- Tour, The Dames de Meuse at Laifour, the 4 Fils Aymon at Bogny-sur-Meuse, the Rièzes of Rocroi: outstanding settings for the most celebrated legends of the Ardennes. 

route Rimbaud Verlaine> Rimbaud-Verlaine route 

A true poetic pilgrimage. Charleville (the house in which Rimbaud was born, his grave and a museum), Roche (wash-house where Rimbaud is said to have written “A Season in Hell”), Rethel (Verlaine taught at the College there), Juniville (café where the poet used to drink absinthe), and Coulommes (where Verlaine stayed), all are evocative of the wanderings of these two great names in French literature. The landscapes along this route are quite in keeping with two such outstanding characters.

Parts of this route are not accessible to coaches!

route des abbayes> Forest, lake and abbey route 

This pastoral route takes you on an enchanting way among the forests, lakes, fields and ponds which have captured the hearts of generations of monks. The Carthusian abbey of Mont-Dieu, Elan or Chatel-Chéhéry where the Cistercians have left their mark and the Gothic abbey-church at Mouzon, founded by the Benedictines in the 13th century, all give you an opportunity to discover the monastic world of the Ardennes. The forest of Belval and its Vision Park both evoke the fairytale setting in which these abbeys were founded. Most large monasteries in the Ardennes were founded in the 12th century, and then underwent luxurious renovations in the 17th and 18th centuries, before the monks were driven out by the Revolution. 

route des églises fortifiées> The fortified churches of Thiérache 

From Charleville-Mézières to the border of the “Aisne” area, this road makes a 150 km long loop which, between the forests of Signy-le-Petit and Signy-L’Abbaye, makes its way in a landscape of hills criss-crossed by hedges and trees. There is an exceptionally rich architectural heritage. Beyond the abbeys, castles and strongholds, the 15 fortified churches are the impressive testimony with their angle towers, dungeons, loopholes and watchtowers.

Parts of this route are not accessible to coaches!! 

route du Porcien> The Porcien route 

From the hills of the high Porcien to the chalk plains of Champagne, this route makes a 110 km loop. The charm of the rural landscapes is combined with picturesque houses and farms. At the bend of a hill or a meadow, you discover hidden villages with a castle (Doumely), an open air market in cob (Wasigny) or even a baroque church like the one in Asfeld whose oddness is extraordinary. 



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