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Randonnée "Boucle de Sartnizon"

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As the slogan of the town says, Revin is located in the heart of the Meuse Valley, in the meanders of a double loop of the river and surrounded by green hills.

Haven of peace for the lovers of strong and authentic nature, but also relaxation and tranquility.


Circuit: 8.5 km
Marked path: purple
Duration: 2h30
Difficulty: medium

The association “Revin Rando Patrimoine” organizes guided walks for the groups (10 to 60 persons)
from February 1st to September 30th (excluding hunting season)

During your excursions, please
- Follow the marked out footpaths for your security and respect the directions of the itineraries.
- Respect the outstanding and fragile environment, do not touch it.
- Moderate the wild gathering (picking up certain plants and mushrooms is regulated - Ask for information).
- Do not disturb the tranquility of animals. Keep dogs in leash.
- Take care during the hunting's period (from September to January).
- Respect the signposts which demarcate the hunting's zone, the private properties and the cultivated areas.
- If you only leave, give your route to your entourage.
- Do not light fire or barbecue in the forest.
- Do not give up rubbish, be discreet and respect the environment.
- Take care of the agricultural and forest machines.

Sur le territoire :

Vallée de la Meuse et de la Semoy

Contact et infos


Randonnée "Boucle de Sartnizon",
08500, REVIN

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Randonnée "Boucle de Sartnizon"

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Pédaler au fil de l’eau... à partir de 96€ ça m'intéresse !
Pédaler au fil de l’eau... à partir de 96€ ça m'intéresse !